Hightech + Handmade = masterpieces in series

incisione laser gioielliproduzione

Technology helps speed up and replicate some processes. The handwork creates the added value and makes possible a masterpiece, made in series.

Furthermore, the correct combination of high-tech processing and manual finishes makes it possible to achieve the desired target-price, while maintaining a high and constant quality level.

In short, the real Made in Italy.

produzione tecnologicaproduzione artigianale

Internal processes

The multitude of processes carried out within the company, from mechanical to bench work, finishing such as polishing, electroplating and assembly, guarantee a high level of discretion and a very high process control.

The fundamental finishing steps are carried out strictly by hand, to guarantee the highest quality level.

By choice, all the operations that imprint or display the customer’s logo, such as engravings, are carried out within our production unit.

All stages of quality control and packaging are also carried out by our employees.

The Mon Art Internazionale plant welcomes its production departments on a total area of over 1500 square meters.


A guaranteed and highly selected network of collaborators

For processes that do not take place within our production unit, to manage high volumes and ensure stringent delivery times, we hire the best companies belonging to the production chain, sharing ethical and professional values and also transmitting the values of our customers to them.

Social compliance and Sustainability are fundamental issues today. With these partners, discretion is guaranteed and quality control on semi-finished or processing is always widespread within our company.

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