Bijoux and bespoke jewelery production

Smart design

Focus: feasible design & development

We provide our design skills with the best 3d software and expert model makers without ever forgetting the product development.

In this way we can be effective and quick in offering technical solutions to support the required design, remaining in line with the project, faithfully reproducing shapes and designs; or we propose the best technical-functional alternatives.

The design always remains tied to development and feasibility. The materials and production techniques all have limits, but knowing them well, they can offer unexpected and innovative solutions.

In addition, our design department supported by our design experts can offer solutions, aesthetic variants or even propose new models based on themes, topics, or reference images provided by the customer.

su misura disegno tecnicosu misura rendering

Prototypes and samples creation

Quick responses and timely produced

The market today requires to go fast for the realization of new projects or small productions and to launch new collections.

The progress of a collection cannot be slowed down by an exhausting wait for prototypes and samples.

We manage these critical issues with maximum speed, through internal equipment and departments, such as 3D printers, CNC machines, polishing, electroplating, laser, enamelling, assembly and embedding, to respond as quickly as possible.

The challenge in this area is to offer quality at high speed from the very first samples.

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